Delivery Terms

Delivery Fee Quote Guarantee
-  Prior to checkout, Flowers and agrees to quote and/or display the delivery fee.
Delivery Times
-  The delivery time selected by the customer is the latest the delivery can be made. The delivery can be made anytime, up to or before, the selected delivery time.
Sunday and Public Holiday Deliveries
-  Deliveries on Sundays and public holidays are not available, except when stated otherwise.
Special Events Deliveries
-  Flowers and sets different terms and conditions in relation to special events. These include, but are not limited to, Valentine s Day, Mother s Day and Christmas.
- Terms and Conditions in relation to special events will be updated on our website from time to time and will be effective immediately.
Deliveries in Transit
-  Flowers and does not provide a track and trace service or an estimated time of arrival once products are in transit for delivery.
Address Types
- For Residential addresses, if a courier deems a delivery location unsafe, the order will be returned to dispatch and redelivery fees will apply.
- For business, school and hospital addresses, Flowers and accepts no responsibility for delivered items that are redirected to the mailroom, front desk or reception.